Google Wave Notifier

Google Wave Notifier sits in the notification area of your PC and notifies you of unread messages in your Google Wave account with a balloon notification. Here's an example notification:

Sample Desktop

Important Notice - 24th Sept 2010

Recently, it looks like Google have changed the way Google Wave authenticates, breaking Google Wave Notifier. It doesn't look like there is a simple fix, and since Google are ditching Google Wave soon, I've decided not to invest the required time to fix this. RIP Google Wave. You will be missed! :(

A huge thanks to all of the users of Google Wave Notifier and everyone that helped translate it into so many languages. It was fun while it lasted!



The current version is v1.9.

Google Wave Notifier is now open source, and hosted at Bitbucket! To download, please go to the Google Wave Notifier Download Page.

Changes in 1.9

Changes in 1.8

Changes in 1.7

Full list of changes.

Supported Languages

Below is a list of languages that Google Wave Notifier has been translated into. It'll automatically detect the language from your operating system, but this can be overriden in the settings dialog.

If your preferred language is not listed and you'd be happy to help translate, please click here.


Google Wave Notifier requires the .NET Framework 3.5 SP 1.

Bug Reports / Feature Suggestions

Please report any issues (or suggestions) in the bug tracker here.


This is not an official Google application. I'm not affiliated with Google in any way. I'm just a fan of Wave and decided to release this to help encourage others to use Wave!